Silverlight Application Development

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Microsoft Silverlight is a website application development framework that is indeed these days as it incorporates multimedia, animation and graphics. As today ecommerce is getting its rage every businessman would like to make his business website more attractive and interactive as much as it can be. Microsoft Silverlight development makes you develop text animation effects by which one can play with the text animation. This application development framework uses local font support which results faster download time and this is really required when the reaction time is very much small and faster work is always required to match up with the current work demands. Silverlight application development provides you the highest quality videos. It allows for a cross platform and cross browser compatibility which provides you a wider scope of operation. As there are two levels of application development process, which gives an independent work for the core area of expertise so that they can use their expertness at optimum level to bring something out of box. Silverlight application development is highly cost effective thus you can develop interactive website with affordability. As it also provide third party support and thus the developers can also make use of Ruby, Python and Ecmascript. As Visual Studio is an award winning development platform so one can get the best development environment through this. Silverlight application development also gives complete control over rich media content to the content providers. It consists of the core presentation framework, which is responsible for the User Interface (UI), basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback, interactivity and user input, DOM integration, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Microsoft Silverlight is the most popular technology that is used worldwide for creating high end RIAs. Silverlight is a .Net framework used that allows to develop a dynamic web application or an RIA in an inexpensive way. If you are planning to get an RIA developed, hiring a Silverlight web developer would be the best option for you. Silverlight application development allows integrating superior quality of videos, creating rich UI design and animations to give the website a compelling looks and high end interactivity. It Supports almost all browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, etc. and Operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Silverlight application development supports 3rd party languages like Python, Ruby and EcmaSript. It allows Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser Remote Debugging. Silverlight applications provide complete control to the rich media content providers.


Mindfire Solutions is an pioneer in Silverlight application development. We have team of dedicated SilverLight developers who have developed numerous projects on SilverLight application development. The SilverLight consultants at Mindfire Solutions can help you design, develop and deploy new applications very quickly and cost effectively. We build applications which best suit our customer’s budget and business interests. The services offered by us in SilverLight Outsourcing services are:


  • Silverlight Application Development

  • ASP.NET Silverlight Development

  • XAML Development.

  • Out of Browser Silverlight Application Development

  • Silverlight and XML

  • WCF RIA Serices for Silverlight

  • Silverlight Modules Development

  • Silverlight Application Programming

  • Web Application Development

  • Custom Application Development

  • Silverlight HealthCare Development

  • Silverlight Sales Dashboard Development

  • Portal Development

  • Plug-ins Development, Customization and Implementation



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Silverlight Application Development

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Silverlight Application Development

This article was published on 2011/03/08